Dollhouse Works
by Yuri Munakata

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Vignette for Mermaid
Porte Bonhuer


Non title (vignette for my customer)


Happy Harmony
Summer Bliss
Potting Shed 2009
Happy Laundry 2009
Love is a Journey


Summertime Comfort
Don't Disturb
Memories of Thanks Giving
Winter Beauty
Antique Cuisine LU
The Chocolate Cat
Love Bloom
My one & Only
Costume Designer's Studio@
White Kitchen
Coraux Rouges No.2


the Potting Shed 07.8.5 up!
ANGEL's Kitchen
Sweet Kitchen



piano room
The Nursery
Sculptor's Bathroom
Mrs.‚b‚‚…‚“‚‚’'s Sweet shop
Secret Summer Cottage
Hat designer's studio
Country Cottage 2006 f06.3.24


Ninth wave
Country Cottage '04 "Day & Night"
Biscuit Lover's Kitchen
Sculptor's Atelier part 2
RedCardinal Happy Holidays
Nobody in the atelier
Little Visitor
It's snowing outside!
Sweet christmas
Bath room in Violet
kitchen in Paris
Rosy Time
Antique Glassware shop
Picnic at Lake Side

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